About Music & Health

Ralph and Caroline Grierson have dedicated their lives to creating an environment in which they can pursue their individual passions for music and health.

In 1982 they formed Music & Health, Inc.as an umbrella corporation to cover all their varied interests.

So, while Ralph concertized and recorded all kinds of music, Caroline nursed and practiced biofeedback interactive guided imagery and neurofeedback. Together they raised a family and studied alternative health and music.

In an effort to integrate both fields, Ralph and Caroline find it necessary to take time away from work each year to maintain the ideals of Music & Health. During these times, they’ve collaborated on projects varying from a video work, “Sometimes, Not Always,” to a CD, “Healing Relaxation,” explored the world practicing yoga and discovering music, as well as learning new technologies in their respective fields.

In 1993, Train Your Brain was created as a subsidiary when Caroline opened her own private practice, now located in Westwood, California.

After a wrist injury in 2002 that ended his performing career, Ralph rebuilt his home studio and set out to create music full time. He discovered first-hand neurofeedback’s effectiveness in managing nerve pain and the value of the support of friends and family.

He began writing songs with his daughter, Nico, and his goddaughter, singer-songwriter Amia Dane, which led to the release of the album, “Have Mercy,” in 2008, the first release of Music & Health Productions.

After years of residing in Los Angeles as Canadian immigrants, Ralph and Caroline were granted dual citizenship in 2003.

Ralph and Caroline continue to pursue their passions for music and health individually, but are most delighted when these two paths merge. Currently, they are building a sustainable rammed-earth house on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia (CANADA) where they hope to divide their time.